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Stone Kitchen Countertops

Are you looking for just the right finishing touch for your kitchen remodel? Well, the countertopping serves a functional purpose as well as filling one of the largest design elements in a kitchen. Countertopping can consist of several different materials, but one category that dominates is natural stone.

There are many stones that fall into this category, and each one presents its own unique beauty and appeal.

  • Granite. Granite is a type of igneous rock that exists in several locations all around the world. It comes in many color combinations, providing slabs of exquisite pattern and beauty. Granite is extremely durable, and resistant to staining, heat, and scuffing. It is a bit more expensive than other countertopping surfaces, but viewed as a classy and prominent focal point.
  • Sandstone. Sandstone is a rock formation that contains feldspar and quartz. It is so named because it is made up of several sand-like mineral particles. Sandstone comes in white, beiges, blacks, grays, and red tones. It is very durable, and brings a stunning piece of nature into your kitchen. Sandstone is prone to absorbing stains, and can be damaged with high heat or acidic liquids.
  • Limestone. Limestone is another natural stone option that has been used in architecture for centuries. It is strong, durable and offers a rugged beauty that is unsurpassable. Just like sandstone, it is also susceptible to staining, heat and acid.
  • Marble. This gorgeous rock is both mined directly from the earth and cultured in factories. It offers deep colors with delicate swirls woven-in. When polished and sealed, it creates a lovely surface. It is a bit more fragile than the other natural stones, and care should be taken where it is used.
  • Quartz. Quartz countertops are similar in appearance to granite and offer another durable and beautiful natural stone option.
  • Slate. Slate countertops are essentially slabs of hard rock that have been cut for interior use. Their surface is a bit more uneven and rough than some of the other stone options, but their beauty is exceptional.

Whatever stone you choose for your countertopping, you are investing in a quality material that will add value and beauty to your home. Out of all of the countertopping choices, natural stones are chosen the most and recognized as a material of value and class. Talk with a prescreened kitchen contractor in your area to install natural stone in your kitchen, and read the articles below to find out more about each stone type.

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