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Kitchen Countertop Installations

Updating kitchen countertops can dramatically change the look of the cook space. And the material and color choices are broad, including concrete, glass, chopping block, tile, stainless steel, natural stones and eco-materials. Although most countertops are large and heavy, some are easier than others to cut, fit and edge out. This replacement project, depending on the countertop material, may be a DIY project, but is usually one that calls for a professional. However, with the right tools and information, the job can be accomplished in no time.

Steps to Kitchen Counter Bliss

#1 - Create a template of the existing countertop. Precision is the name of the game here, so measure twice, or even three times, so you or a professional only have to cut once.

#2 - Remove old countertops. This generally involves three tools.

You’ll need one of each:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Razor knife

Unscrew the countertops from cabinet bases. Disconnect existing plumbing from the sink and dishwasher. Break the caulk seal around the backsplash. Recycle materials if possible.

#3 - Level cabinet bases for an easier and neater installation.

#4 - Install new countertops, including aligning and sealing seams and backsplashes. Secure tops to cabinets.

#5 - Reconnect plumbing to sink and dishwasher.

Voila…new countertops! And since the surfaces make more of an impression than they get credit for at times, you may feel you have a brand new kitchen as well.

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