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Glass Kitchen Countertops

There are many choices for kitchen countertopping,
including natural stones, basic Formicas, practical stainless steel, or
affordable tiles. One other option that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention is

A Whole New Array of Design Options

offer a whole different array of design options than the more conventional
countertop choices. Glass opens up a completely different style element that
ranges from the modern contemporary to the wild and wacky.

Glass countertopping can be as simple as a
sheet of clear glass; or it can become much more in-depth. Art glass
provides one beautiful
illustration of this product. Captivating
recycled glass
designs give another set of examples to the wonders of glass
designs. Who knew that
beer bottle you took the time to pick up could become so useful and beautiful?


Despite the fact that they are glass, glass
countertops are actually pretty durable. This product, Vetrazzo
Recycled Glass Countertopping
, is supposed
to be as strong and durable as granite, even though it consists of 85% glass.
It is resistant to stains, but still a porous material that requires gentle and
patient care. The glass and concrete combination make a strong surface that is
resistant to heat, and will not break or scratch easily. The only cleaning
required is to occasionally apply soap and water; chemical cleaners are not recommended.

Recycled, Eco-friendly, Affordable

If you are looking for a resourceful way to
incorporate recycled materials into your kitchen to support a greener building
project, then glass countertopping is just what you are looking for. The good
news is that glass is quite affordable, and is quickly becoming the green
choice for eco-friendly remodels. If you would like to learn more about
installing these trendy designs in your new kitchen, then request free
estimates from kitchen
in your area and get your project

With the eco-conscious movement in full swing, it’s no wonder the remodeling world has taken a liking for glass kitchen countertops. Many homeowners today are stepping out of the granite-only box with an eco-friendly glass countertop. Here are the facts.


Although the cost of glass kitchen countertops will vary depending on the materials used and the contractor doing the work, you can expect to pay $85-$150 per square foot installed. Find out what it would cost for your own home here.


Comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Surprisingly durable when used in this fashion, and won’t damage easily.

Glass is an extremely eco-friendly countertop option, especially if it contains recycled products or post-consumer materials.


Its distinctive look can be a bit much for an entire kitchen countertop.

If not sealed properly, glass can be susceptible to stains.

Certain glass countertop styles can be rather expensive to achieve.


Don’t let the glass deceive you—these types of countertops are actually pretty durable. Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops, for instance, are supposed to be as strong and durable as granite. In addition, it is resistant to stains, heat damage, and won’t break or scratch easily.


The one great thing about glass is how easy it is to clean. Simply wipe down the countertops with glass cleaner or mild soap and water and they will look just like new.

Common Questions and Answers

Can glass kitchen countertops be installed as a DIY project?

While many people have installed a glass backsplash without hiring a professional, an entire kitchen countertop is a huge job to tackle if you don’t have the experience. Contact a professional fir


Recycled glass countertops were invented by glass scientist and PhD student Don McPherson in Berkeley in 1996. He was the first person to combine recycled glass with a cement binder to create a sturdy surface.

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