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Quintessential Quality:  Somersby Cabinetry

Somersby Cabinetry, a subsidiary of the MasterBrand Cabinet Manufacturer, comprises a style, taste, and panache all its own. As the second largest cabinet manufacturer in North America, MasterBrand boasts ownership of thirteen different companies.

The name “Somersby” is not original with the cabinet company. It is the name of a Lincolnshire, U.K. village known for its haunting beauty and idyllic setting. The village namesake maintains the tradition of beauty. Somersby Cabinetry possesses qualities that distinguish it as a cabinetmaker worthy of a second (and third) glance.

Green as They Come

Somersby participates in the Environmental Stewardship Program. Their environmentally responsible practices have earned them distinction even among other cabinetmakers.

Qualified for Service

Although the cabinets themselves are things of beauty, it’s not looks alone that give Somersby cabinets a good name. The durable quality of the construction is noteworthy as well. The Somersby “Quality Line” uses 1/2” and 3/4”-thick wood for drawers and cabinets. Even the hinges are of exceptional quality, with six-way adjustable and self-closing hinges installed on cabinet doors. You won’t see these cabinets wearing out quickly under use.

Warranties to the Hilt

As a further tribute to their durable construction, Somersby Cabinets offers a lifetime warranty. Obviously, the warranty is voided if customers misuse or fail to care for the cabinets, but the warranty that the company extends is as good as they come in the cabinet world.

Styles for the Savoir-Faire

Somersby Cabinetry bespeaks graceful elegance. The contoured lines and symmetrical patterns reflect a poetic balance that modern designs often lack. In spite of the fact that the company offers an impressive line of products, they are generally not as expensive as many other brands.

Somersby Cabinetry borrowed its name from a village in Lincolnshire, U.K. known for its haunting beauty and idyllic setting. Somersby now aims to recreate the beauty of this quaint town through their products. Here’s a deeper look into what they have to offer the cabinetry industry.


Somersby cabinets are available for purchase through authorized contractors throughout the country, but will vary in cost depending on cabinet size, style, materials, and finish. Find out what your specific project would cost by getting a free price quote for your installation.


A small subsidiary of MasterBrands, information about Somersby cabinets is very hard to come by.


Somersby cabinets are considered to be very durable. Their “Quality Line” uses 1/2” and 3/4”-thick wood for drawers and cabinets. Even the hinges are of exceptional quality with six-way adjustable and self-closing hinges installed on cabinet doors. You won’t see these cabinets wear out quickly.


Maintaining Somersby kitchen cabinets is easy and generally just requires regular dusting with a soft damp cloth. For tougher stains, however, wipe cabinets down with a cleaning solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Avoid all abrasive household cleaners and always wipe cabinets dry after cleaning.

Common Questions and Answers

Does Somersby Cabinetry offer a warranty on their products?

Yes, Somersby Cabinetry offers a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser at the original site of installation. This does not cover damage done to cabinets due to owner misuse or care.

Is Somersby Cabinetry an environmentally conscious company?

Yes, in fact, their practices have allowed them to participate in the Environmental Stewardship Program, a distinction that sets them apart from other cabinetry companies.

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