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Kitchen Cabinets by Kemper

Most people consider two important factors for their kitchen remodel: functional space and improved aesthetics. What it all boils down to are layout and material choices; style, colors, and quality, plus sticking to the budget are all part of the process. To make your remodel a little easier, we’ve researched the top kitchen cabinet companies for your review. This article is all about Kemper Distinctive Cabinetry.

The Kemper product line includes cabinets made from maple, oak, cherry, hickory, rustic alder, alder and laminate.

Kemper offers a wide array of finishes:

Maple is available in amaretto crème, nutmeg, white, moss glaze, heirloom black, palomino glaze, butternut, dove, Havana, Portobello, cider, honeysuckle, heirloom tidal mist, coffee glaze, heirloom oasis, cranberry, crimson, chocolate, natural, pear, sangria, toasted almond, wheat and whiskey black glaze.

Kemper maple cabinets

Moss Glaze Maple

Oak is available in auburn, nutmeg, chocolate, Havana, heirloom black, light, natural and sable.

Kemper oak cabinets

Sable Oak

Cherry is available in whiskey black glaze, nutmeg, palomino glaze, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee glaze, Havana, cranberry, light, cider, natural and sangria.

Kemper cherry cabinets

Whiskey Black Glaze Cherry

Hickory is available in auburn, nutmeg, Havana, coffee glaze, light and natural.

Kemper hickory cabinets

Coffee Glaze Hickory

Rustic alder is available in whiskey black, auburn, palomino glaze, coffee glaze, Havana, natural and sangria.

Kemper alder cabinets

Palomino Glaze Rustic Alder

Alder is available in cider, chocolate, cranberry, wheat, auburn, briarwood, coffee, Havana, natural, sangria, whiskey black glaze and palomino glaze.

Kemper alder cabinets

Briarwood Alder

Laminate is available in white, cashmere and amaretto crème.

Kemper laminate cabinets

Amaretto Crème Laminate

Kemper also offers 16 gorgeous styles to choose from, although not every wood species is offered in all available styles. You can choose your wood species and get all available styles.

Considered one of the most distinguished MasterBrand brands, Kemper Distinctive Cabinetry has been in the business for over 80 years. They have a ton of materials and finishes to choose from, making them a popular choice among homeowners. Here’s how to get started.


The cost of Kemper cabinets is determined by the authorized dealers and not the manufacturer, so you will have to contact those selling it in order to get an accurate price. Get a free cost estimate for your installation here.


Considered one of the most distinguished kitchen cabinetry lines under MasterBrands.

Kemper offers a wide variety of materials and finishes.

Includes a limited lifetime warranty.


The cost of Kemper cabinets is determined by the authorized dealers that sell them.


Built to last longer than ready-to-assemble cabinets, Kemper cabinets will hold up for decades under normal wear and tear. In addition, Kemper cabinets all come with a limited lifetime warranty so the owner is covered as long as they are the original homeowner that purchased them.


Kemper cabinets require no more care than other cabinets. Simply wipe them down with a clean damp cloth and remove stains with a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Avoid all abrasive household cleaners, as they can damage the stain, and always dry them immediately after cleaning.

Common Questions and Answers

Where can Kemper Distinctive Cabinets be purchased?

Kemper cabinets are sold by authorized dealers throughout the United States. You can find a dealer close to you by visiting their website and using their dealer locator section. You can also have them installed by

Is there a difference between Schrock, Diamond, and Kemper cabinets since they are all cabinet brands owned by MasterBrands?

While all three brands utilize the same product construction and have consistent quality, they each have different door styles and colors.


Kemper’s Distinctive Cabinetry was started by George E. Kemper, Paul W. Kemper and Ray L. Headington on February 9, 1926. They got their start by manufacturing wardrobes, chifforobes, and dresserobes and didn’t move to built-in kitchen cabinetry until after World War II. They are now part of MasterBrand Cabinets (a subsidiary of Fortune Brands), and have become the second-largest cabinet manufacturer in the United States.

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