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Ascentia Cabinetry

When was the last time you searched endlessly for a kitchen design you really liked and came up disappointed after hours, days, or months of searching? It happens, even with the huge variety of cabinetmakers and kitchen designers offering their wares. It may be beautiful, but it’s environmentally offensive. It may be environmentally responsible, but it has horrid quality. Few companies achieve the balance.

Ascentia Cabinetry, one of the foremost designers for Home Depot kitchen cabinets, does their best to satisfy your taste in a way that also meets the qualifications you desire.

For a company that fills one of the nation’s largest retail chains with a consistent display of beautiful design, they have done a great job maintaining quality.

  • They offer an interactive design explorer tool on their website. The tool gives customers a chance to visualize their design, adjust it, and even purchase it. Every step along the way, Ascentia wants to help with your design project.
  • Stand on it. Jump on it. Kick it. But enjoy it. Ascentia doesn’t want you to ruin your cabinets, so they build them in such a way that you can’t. Twelve-pound cast-iron skillet? Four foot drop? No problem. The detailed construction and careful selection of materials is ready for action or abuse.

Ascentia’s Design Philosophy

Many companies manifest a design style that looks back. Ascentia looks forward. Modern days demand modern designs. At the fore of that modern design is Ascentia. Although old style may hold appeal for some, this is a company that knows how to meet the modern face-to-face.

  • Clean lines. They don’t just make you feel relaxed. They are übercool.
  • Natural colors. Ascentia’s design utilizes natural tones for a stunning look.
  • Functional simplicity. Beauty is simplicity, and Ascentia has a penchant for making just the right look, but keeping a perfect attention to those simple aspects that make kitchens enjoyable.

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