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High-Class Beauty without the High Class Cost: Aristokraft Cabinets

name suggests enough of the company to make explanation unnecessary.
However, behind the name is a company that, yes, blends high-class
beauty with high-quality design work, but which also adheres to
environmental ethics and cost-effectiveness.

Aristokraft—Beyond Expectations

You expect a lot from a cabinet company, and you ought to. Beauty. Durability. Responsibility. Affordability.
In order to earn your business, they must earn your respect.
Aristokraft takes your expectations, and places them on a higher plane.
Here’s why:

  • Extraordinary Warranty - All Aristokraft products gets an automatic warranty—but not the jump-through-hoops-and-maybe-get-a-refund kind of warranty. It’s a five-year workmanship and manufacturing warranty. Five years is a long time, but the drawers, drawer guides, and hinges—the little things in your kitchen that do all the work—get a lifetime warranty. That’s exceptional. It is a testament to the company’s outstanding product and customer-friendliness.
  • Award-Winning Excellence - The Good Housekeeping seal—that one hundred-year old stamp of excellence—has given Aristokraft a spot on the list. The products’ beauty, cost, and trend-setting designs earned the company this award.
  • Commitment - Few companies put their best foot forward for builders and homeowners. Usually, the marketing division sends its dollars to big-box retailers for a spot on the shelf. However, Aristokraft has a promise to builders and homeowners that they will always be affordable, easy to spec and on time. They’ve never broken that promise.
  • Green Stewardship - The environment likes Aristokraft, too. Aristokraft was one of the first companies to be listed as a certified environmental stewardship company through the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. Aristokraft uses products that keep our natural resources strong, our air clean and our earth happy.

that’s an august list of accomplishments, it says nothing of the design
excellence of the company. That is a category that gets an accolade all
its own. Aristokraft places a lot of importance upon company excellence
that is second only to the emphasis they place upon stellar design. You
won’t be disappointed.

Part of the big MasterBrands family for over 20 years, the Aristokraft Cabinetry brand has become synonymous with affordable quality. Here’s some info to help you decide if Aristokraft is the right choice for your kitchen.


No sales are made through the manufacturer, so to receive a free price quote, you can fill out a quick estimate form for kitchen cabinet installation. The cost will depend on the type of material used, design style, and size of the cabinets.


Aristokraft was awarded the Good Housekeeping seal for product beauty, cost, and trend-setting designs.

Aristokraft offers an excellent five-year workmanship and manufacturing warranty, along with a lifetime warranty for all drawer guides and hinges.

Offers extensive amount of material and finish choices.


If high-end cabinets with high-end prices are what you’re looking for, Aristokraft cabinets are probably not a good choice.


Aristokraft cabinets are known for their top-notch construction and durability, so they should last for years after installation. And they also have an excellent warranty to back up their product.


The maintenance required for Aristokraft cabinets is generally very easy and straightforward. Begin by wiping down the cabinets with a soft, damp cloth. For tougher stains, use a solution of dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. Avoid abrasive household cleaners, as these can ruin the finish.

Common Questions and Answers

Can Aristokraft cabinets be purchased directly from the manufacturer?

No, Aristokraft cabinets must be purchased from one of their authorized dealers around country, or through a local kitchen cabinet installer.

What is the difference between the three different types of cabinet construction that Aristokraft offers: Standard, Select, and Ply-Select?

The differences range from the thickness of the sides of the cabinets to the type and durability of the drawers used. To view a full chart that outlines what each type of cabinet construction has to offer,


Founded in 1954, Aristokraft was originally called United Cabinet Company. It wasn’t until 1988 that Aristokraft joined the MasterBrand family.

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