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Latex Paint for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

While paint takes the cake for simplest cabinet refacing, it also opens the door to another important question: what type of paint is best? Latex is a great option for those looking for a quick dry time and easy clean-up. This page will help you decide if latex is the right choice for your kitchen.


Refacing kitchen cabinets with top-of-the-line paint supplies should cost $60 to $80, depending on the size of the project.


It’s not as quick to fade over time, and isn’t as susceptible to mildew as other paints.

With an easy water clean-up, latex leaves less mess than oil-based paints.

Latex paint dries quickly.


With a softer finish, latex paint will wear easily in areas of high traffic.

It’s more susceptible to stains.

Unlike oil-based paint, latex can require up to two weeks to fully cure.


Before latex paint fully cures (which, as stated above, can take two or more weeks), it’s extremely sensitive to damage and scratches. The softer finish of latex requires that it not be applied in areas where the surface will receive extra wear and tear. However, if you take care of the surface (as with any paint), latex will look the same for at least a few years.


Most painted cabinets, regardless of the paint type, require similar care. Clean with detergent and warm water. To prevent future stains, a creamy liquid wax can be occasionally applied as well.

Common Questions and Answers

Can latex paint be placed over an oil-based paint?

Yes, due to the flexible nature of latex, it can be used to paint over an oil-based paint after the surface is properly prepared. Oil-based paint CANNOT be placed over latex paint, however, because of its hard and brittle nature.

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