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Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

While not as popular as traditional wood, thermofoil can provide homeowners with a viable way to cover their existing cabinetry. Check out the costs, pros & cons and maintenance info to decide if thermofoil is right for your kitchen.


In addition to looking more like wood than laminate, thermofoil also costs less. It’ll run you about $35 to $45 per linear foot at your local home improvement store.


Thermofoil provides the look of a painted cabinet without all the messes and imperfections.

It’s an inexpensive alternative to other refacing materials.

Thermofoil is easy to clean.


Although thermofoil is generally moisture-resistant, one scratch or dent can open an area up to more extensive damage.

Some homeowners have complained that the material bubbles up or peels in some areas.

Greater attention has to be paid to the upkeep of this material.


Thermofoil kept in perfect condition without scratches or dents will last much longer than damaged material. Because it is prone to yellowing and collecting moisture after a few years, thermofoil may have to be replaced more often than cabinetry with a different finish.


Thermofoil cabinets are quite easy to clean, as long as all spills and grease stains are removed promptly.

  1. Most stains can be wiped clean with a soft cloth or sponge. Use warm water or any common household cleaner.
  2. Harsh cleaners or anything containing acetone, ethyl alcohol or mineral oils should be avoided.

Common Questions and Answers

If a thermofoil cabinet door has a bubble in it, can it be repaired?

Unfortunately, thermofoil can generally not be repaired unless the damage is on the very edge of the door. This is a primary downside to the material.

Are thermofoil cabinet doors good for any area of the kitchen?

Thermofoil easily warps if exposed to a heat source, so we recommend keeping it more than six inches away from the stovetop.

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