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Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

For decades, IKEA has been known as the Swedish furniture store. The place you can go to get trendy, moderately priced pieces and other furnishings. But recently, they’ve branched into more fixed settings, like kitchen cabinets.

Much like their other offerings, IKEA kitchen cabinets are very basic in design - nothing ornate or custom. There are, however, several advantages available to do-it-yourselfers that come with IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Up Against a Wall…or Not

IKEA offers two different styles of cabinetry: those that are intended to be fixed to the wall (known as built-ins) and cabinets that are standalone. The traditional built-in cabinets are very basic and come in white, black or wood veneers and have a few options, such as door and drawer combinations, glass doors for wall cabinets, open cabinets for base ovens and more.

Standalone cabinetry is designed to sit anywhere in the house. Place them in the center of the room, in a corner or between an appliance and wall. Some of the standalone cabinets are legged and stationary, but others coast on wheels and can easily be moved from one area to the next.

Kicking Back

One of the things you’ll notice about IKEA kitchen cabinets is that both the built-in and standalone cabinets sit atop furniture-style legs. There will be no toe kicks for these cabinets.

Most IKEA cabinets sit on round metal legs, but a few simply have legs that are extensions of the cabinet frame. The look is sleek and attractive and allows you to see and reach under the cabinets, not to mention get to things that inevitably fall behind adjacent appliances. The drawback, however, of not having toe kicks is that you now have more square feet of flooring to keep clean.

Dollars and Sense

One of the best features of a kitchen designed with IKEA cabinetry is that you can easily accomplish a modern look on a tight budget. This definitely won’t be one of the cookie-cutter kitchens, but it won’t be too far out of the ordinary, either. While the cabinetry IKEA offers is reasonably priced and basic in design, it would be easy to work your way up to a more customized style by adding unique countertops, moldings, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Photo Credits: IKEA Cabinets

For decades IKEA has been known as the Swedish furniture store—the place you can go to get trendy, inexpensive pieces for the home. Recently, however, they’ve branched out into the fixed realm of kitchen cabinets. Much like their other offerings, IKEA cabinets are very basic in design, without much ornate detailing. Here’s some more info about their offerings.


IKEA cabinetry is basic in design, but extremely reasonable in price. The total cost will vary depending on the design, material choice, and size of the kitchen. IKEA does offer a kitchen planner that can estimate the cost for you here. For a price quote on installation costs, get a couple estimates from local contractors.


IKEA offers both built-in cabinets and standalone cabinets.

IKEA kitchen cabinets can fit into the tightest of budgets.

Streamlined and simple design works for a ton of kitchen and home architectural styles.


IKEA cabinets have limited options when it comes to finishes and organizational extras.

Not considered as durable as other kitchen cabinetry brands.

IKEA doesn’t utilize the most high-end building materials for their cabinets.


When compared to other, more customizable kitchen cabinet brands, IKEA doesn’t have the most durable products. They are created for the DIY type on a budget, IKEA kitchen cabinetsso if you’re looking for cabinets to last the life of your home, IKEA may not be the way to go.


With normal kitchen wear and tear, IKEA cabinets are very easy to maintain. Keep them free from dirt and dust by regularly wiping them down with a clean, damp cloth. Get rid of tougher stains with a solution of dishwashing detergent and warm water. Avoid using abrasive household cleaners and always wipe cabinets dry after cleaning.

Common Questions and Answers

Where can IKEA kitchen cabinets be purchased?

IKEA kitchen cabinetsIKEA cabinets can either be purchased online or in one of their stores. You can look at their website to find the closest location


IKEA began in 1943, when Ingvar Kamprad opened up shop at the young age of 17, selling everything from nylon stockings to table runners. He began selling furniture in 1948 and eventually expanded into the all-encompassing brand name that IKEA is today.

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