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Country Kitchen Cabinets

It’s no surprise that so many people think “country” when they’re planning their new kitchen. Country kitchens are warm, cozy, and welcoming, often the focal point of day-to-day life. They often bring together eclectic elements that seem to have been acquired piecemeal over generations. They also tend to be practical, work-friendly, and stand up under daily wear and tear.

Within the broad category of country kitchens, there are several fairly distinct styles. Some features are often found across the spectrum from “casual country” to “formal country”: white, ivory and light colors, often with a glaze (or “antiquing,” as it used to be called) to give the impression of age, and natural wood tones; cabinets tend to be more ornate and furniture-like than some other styles, even to the point of resting on furniture-type feet, and feature handcrafted detail. But as you look at different offerings in catalogs and showrooms, you’ll see subtle and not-so-subtle differences according to the regional look and general mood the designer was after.

Here’s a look at some of the common styles in country cabinets, with a brief description of what sets them apart.

Casual (or “American”) Country

This is where you’re likely to find lots of gingham, patchwork, calico, chickens, cows, fruits, vegetables, and rustic scenes incorporated into the decorative theme. Cabinets are especially likely to be painted wood, with bright, barn-type colors as popular as white or ivory, and contrasting or complementary shades used on different pieces to make them look like individual pieces of furniture. Distressed finishes, worn edges, multiple colors of paint showing through, and crackle glazes are all popular.

English Country English country features a somewhat cleaner, simpler look than casual country; it conveys a sense of well-worn quality. Cabinets are usually white or ivory, with understated decorative touches like dentil molding and beaded panels. English country cabinets often feature glass fronts and open shelving and plate racks, with plenty of room to display crockery.

French Country The most ornate of the country styles, French country cabinets make heavy use of ornamental detail: carved doors, crown moldings, elegant corbels and other fancy millwork, as well as artistic wrought iron accessories. The wood itself tends to rich, light tones and natural finishes, often with a warm glaze, and the beautiful cabinets are often the first thing about the kitchen to catch the eye.

Formal Country Also a popular choice, formal country is considerably less cluttered than some of the other country styles, featuring simple, clean lines. Like English country, formal country cabinets are usually white or cream, with classic details like beaded panels, crown molding, glass door fronts and brushed brass or steel accessories adding sophistication.

There are no ironclad rules in putting together your country kitchen - the biggest issue is making sure all the elements combine for a pleasing effect. Working with a good design professional can help you focus on what features and looks you like best, and figure out how to make them work in harmony for a kitchen that’s uniquely yours.

Country-style kitchen cabinets have become a popular choice among homeowners looking to create warm, welcoming spaces for friends and family. What exactly are country-style kitchen cabinets? We have the facts for you right here.


The cost of installing country-style kitchen cabinets depends entirely on the size of the job, cost of labor and type of cabinets used. Models range from more expensive custom-made cabinets to DIY easy-to-assemble cabinets from a local hardware store. There’s another option as well; if you’re looking to make your existing cabinets more country-style, you might even consider “antiquing” them with certain paint techniques—an inexpensive alternative.


Country-style kitchen cabinets are sturdy and perform well in heavily-used kitchens.

Because the idea is to give the impression of age, any dents or scratches to the cabinetry will only enhance their look.

Country cabinets make kitchens feel warm and inviting, the ideal environment for potential buyers.


This style may not mesh very well in a home where the rest of the design scheme is modern or contemporary.

Some homeowners take country-style cabinets over the top with ornate details.


In keeping with the original purpose of the country kitchen, country-style cabinets are usually very sturdy and can easily stand up to daily wear and tear.


When it comes to cleaning wood cabinets, the process is generally an easy one, as long as it’s done regularly before grease and grime are allowed to set in.

  1. Using one gallon of water and 1/4 cup mild soap, scrub the cabinets and pat them dry with a rag.
  2. To get rid of oil and grease buildup, try rubbing dirty spots with mineral spirits and #0000 steel wool.

Protect cabinets from future stains by applying a light furniture wax (either liquid or paste).

Common Questions and Answers

What are the different types of country style kitchen cabinets?

Generally, they can be split into four different types or styles: Casual (or “American”) Country, English Country, French Country, and Formal Country. Casual country incorporates rustic scenes (i.e. cows, chickens, fruits, and vegetables) into the theme;


Drawing inspiration from early European kitchens and the country-farm kitchens of America’s past, the country-style kitchen has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its warm and family-oriented nature.

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