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Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When you shop for new cabinets, there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the layout of the kitchen, the material of the cabinets, and the color combination. Another decision that has to be made is what type of doors you want. The door style is actually pretty important. It helps to create the overall appearance of the cabinet, and adds style and design to the kitchen.

Door Shape

Cabinet doors come either with raised panels or recessed panels. Within those classifications, however, there is a lot of flexibility.

  • Square Doors. A square door style can have either a raised or recessed panel, with the square shape mitered into the front.
  • Arch Doors. Arch doors can include the Roman, cathedral, and crown styles. Each of these is a variation of the arch-top design, with one defining characteristic in common in that the top of the door is lifted in an arched fashion.
  • Slab Door. These doors are unique in that they have no pattern cut into them and resemble a slab of wood with handles attached. They offer a clean and simple alternative to the more detailed designs.

Door Finish and Color

Equally important as which style of door you choose is what material it consists of. Depending on the extent of your budget, the wood used for cabinets ranges from everything from the inexpensive laminates to the solid cherries and mahoganies. Take your time and choose a material that is at the top of your budget. The cabinets are important to buyers when you go to market your home, and if you cut too many corners, it will reflect poorly on your renovation. In addition to choosing the type of wood, you’ll need to choose the type of stain or paint as well.

Door Hardware

Door hardware can be a bit expensive, but it is well worth the investment. Not only will it help reduce wear and tear on the doors and drawers, but it plays an important role in the appearance of the kitchen as a whole.

Remodeling your kitchen should be a fun and exciting project even though there are so many decisions that must be made. Working with a reliable and experienced kitchen cabinet craftsman will make it go so much better. Request free estimates from prescreened kitchen cabinet contractors in your area today.

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