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Second Story Bathroom Addition

Considering adding a second story to your home? Then chances are you’ll need another bathroom as well. Here’s some information to help you get started on your second-story bathroom addition.


Adding new floor space to hold a bathroom costs, on average, $25,000-$50,000 for a 6 x 8-foot space, depending on the complexity of the job and materials used. This includes labor, although the labor costs will vary depending on your area. It’s best to get a couple price quotes from local contractors and go from there.


From small and simple to incredibly luxurious, second-story bathrooms can be designed to fit your specific needs and tastes.

Adding another bathroom to your home will be more comfortable for guests and residents alike.

This kind of addition immediately boosts your home’s value and appeal.


Second-story additions of any kind cost 20 percent more than building on the ground level.

Building a second story bathroom will require an assessment of your home’s foundation to make sure it can handle the weight.

Adding a bathroom can have unexpected costs (fixing existing plumbing, etc.).

Common Questions and Answers

How much space is required to add in a bathroom to a second-floor addition?

Here is the general rule of thumb: a half bath should be at least 18 square feet, a bathroom with just a shower should be 30 square feet, and a bathroom with both a shower and tub should be at least 35 square feet.

Can the same materials be used in a second-floor bathroom addition as a first-floor bathroom?

Some materials, such as tile floor or marble countertops

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