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Garage Laundry Room Addition

When it comes to choosing a place to hold your washer and dryer, many homeowners prefer the garage because it frees up space inside the home, and is more accessible than a basement laundry room. Here’s what you need to know to get started.


To budget for your project, it’s best to start with the cost of new construction. Are you going to put up new walls for the laundry room, or simply renovate the existing space in your garage? Drywall sheets run about $5-$6 per 4’x’8 sheet, and labor can cost upwards of $25 an hour.

Your biggest costs besides putting up walls will be new appliances (washer and dryer), utility sink for rinsing clothes, laundry room flooring, ventilation upgrades, as well as any decorating costs or cabinets for storage. It’s best to get a price quote from a local contractor and go from there.


Washer and dryer hookups can easily be added to most garage spaces.

Adding a garage laundry room keeps appliances that can leak away from the main living spaces of the home.

A garage laundry room eliminates the need to schlep heavy laundry to the basement or other inconvenient places in the home.


Garages can be extremely cold during the winter months and unpleasant to do laundry in.

A garage laundry room may not have a high resale value, as many people prefer that the laundry room be near the bedrooms.

Adding all of the necessary elements to make a garage laundry room functional can be costly.


The maintenance required of a laundry room in the garage is similar to that of a laundry room anywhere else in the home. Organization is key—and may require the addition of cabinets to store detergent, etc. In addition, regular cleaning is suggested since the garage is prone to attracting more dirt and grime than other areas of the home.

Common Questions and Answers

What might need to be added to a garage to make it into a functional laundry room?

There are several important elements that make a laundry room functional: electrical outlets, cabinets, ventilation, and proper plumbing. In addition, you may want to consider adding a sink so that hand-washables can be taken care of in the same space.

What type of professionals should be consulted when it comes to creating a garage laundry room addition?

It’s important to contact a plumber, electrician, and/or general contractor to ensure that electrical outlets are sound, and both hot and cold water will be available in the space.


People spent many a century washing clothes by hands until the Industrial Revolution brought the beginnings of what we now call the washing machine. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that these machines used an electrically powered agitator instead of hand power.

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