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Garage Storage Addition

If you’re like most homeowners in America, you probably have heaps of toys, tools, and other equipment sitting in chaos in your garage. In order to add resale value to your home—not to mention feel a little more relaxed and sane—you may want to renovate your garage into a functional storage space. Here’s what you need to know.


The cost of adding garage storage can vary greatly depending on the type of storage materials used. Generally, costs range from $50 for simple baskets to about $3,200 for an extensive smart system of steel cabinets. If you’re looking to add or knock down walls, get a price quote for labor rates in your area.


Adding garage storage can increase your home’s value, as most people require ample storage in their living space.

Clears up a large amount of space inside the home for all kinds of important valuables and keepsakes.

Garage storage can keep the space safe for kids and pets, while making it much easier to find toys, tools, and whatever else you need.


Garage storage can be useless if it isn’t utilized properly.

Extensive storage systems may be pricy, depending on your desired renovation.


The durability of garage storage depends on the type of organizational materials used. Plastic bins, for instance, won’t last as long as steel storage cabinets.


Organization is tantamount when it comes to properly maintaining garage storage. Although the storage materials are there, it’s important to make sure everything is given a well-defined location in the first place.

Common Questions and Answers

What types of organizational tools can be utilized in a garage?

There are a plethora of organizational tools available, such as bike racks, ceiling storage units, hooks to hang items from the walls, as well as pegboards for things like tools, shelves, and storage cabinets. You may want to visit your local home improve

How can garage storage be organized to maximize efficiency?

Consider using clear bins and containers so it’s easy to tell what is where, and thus avoid pulling out unnecessary items. Always make sure to label cabinets and bins, and keep like items in the same general area.


While garage storage may have previously been limited to a few basic shelving units, it has expanded significantly throughout the past 15 to 20 years into complete garage organization systems.

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