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Eyebrow Dormer

Eyebrow dormers are characterized by a low upward curve and a lack of vertical sides. Eyebrow dormers look much like a sleepy, or half-opened, eye, and are often a feature of Shingle style architecture. Here’s some information you’ll need if you are considering this type of dormer for your home.


On average, an eyebrow dormer costs three times as much as a skylight. While many window companies make half-round windows, the semi-oval shape commonly used for an eyebrow dormer usually has to be custom-made. This can cost $10,000 or more depending on the project. Get a price quote to better understand your project costs.


Eyebrow dormers create a focal point on the roof and make a variety of home styles aesthetically pleasing.

They help ventilate a top floor space.

Eyebrow dormers can bring in extra natural lighting to a home.


They can be a costly roof addition depending on the plan, and can be hard to cover with roofing materials as well.

Eyebrow dormers don’t add head space like other dormers do.

Many eyebrow dormers have to be custom-made, resulting in higher costs.


The durability of an eyebrow dormer depends on the quality of the roofing materials and windows you choose to install. It’s always suggested that homeowners hire a professional contractor to install an eyebrow dormer, as this will increase the durability and return on investment in the long run.

Common Questions and Answers

If covering an eyebrow dormer with the same material as the rest of the roof is expensive, is there any way to avoid this cost?

Yes, some contractors will cut costs by applying a malleable copper to the curve of the eyebrow dormer instead of the roofing material used on the surrounding areas. This will also make installation easier and faster.


Eyebrow dormers were first used on medieval cottages, but didn’t make an appearance on American homes until the second part of the 19th century. Architect Henry Hobson Richardson, credited with starting the Shingle style, was among the first to use them.

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