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Wind-Resistant Garage Door

Protect Your Home through Hurricanes or Tornadoes with a Wind-Resistant Garage Door

A garage door serves many purposes, and in many ways works as a movable wall. Many homeowners spend a lot of time in their garages, making the condition of the garage door important. As a homeowner, you want your garage to be kept warm, dry, and comfortable. That normally requires insulation in the walls as well as the garage door. In addition to having solid insulation, you want a garage door to be wind-resistant as well.


It can be quite annoying if your garage door sways and bangs back and forth with the manipulation of the wind. Although the quality of the installation plays a large role in the stability of the door, there are ways for the manufacturer to reduce the amount of movement.

Along with the noise factor associated with a garage door, there is a much larger and more serious consideration. The garage door plays an important role in holding the house together. In a strong windstorm such as a hurricane or tornado, if the doors and windows are open or broken, it can pressurize the house and eventually cause it to blow up like a balloon. There are ways that garage doors can be stabilized to help prevent this scenario as often as possible.


New garage doors are impact-resistant and will have heavy vertical stiles, strong springs, and durable tracks, hinges, and rollers. Look for a garage door that has been rated for its impact resistance. You might expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars more for this feature, but you will be purchasing a product that has already been tested for its resistance to impact. These doors should also include impact resistant glass. If you want to learn more about installing an impact resistant garage door on your home, then request free estimates from prescreened garage door installers in your area.

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