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Vinyl Grage Doors

Choose Indestructible Vinyl Garage Doors

In America, we are accustomed to multiple choices for every product we want to buy; and when shopping for a new garage door, there is no exception. Garage doors are manufactured in numerous designs, materials, and shapes. One option that deserves taking a closer look at is the vinyl garage door.

Unbeatable Strength

Vinyl garage doors have a structural polyurethane foam core with vinyl laminated on the front and back. The doors are extremely durable, and will not fade, discolor, crack, or deteriorate in any way. They are so indestructible that many manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties. They are created to imitate the grain of wood, offering an attractive and solid appearance.

EverDoor Choices

One garage door manufacturer that specializes in vinyl construction is the EverDoor Company. EverDoor offers a wide selection of beautiful styles and designs that will provide your home with an attractive focal point. The doors come in four color options: Glacier White, Cape Cod Gray, Adobe Cream, and Monterey Sand. Because vinyl holds-up better in lighter colors, if you paint your door yourself, it will void the warranty.

Worth the Extra Expense

Like most vinyl products, vinyl garage doors offer a low-maintenance worry-free product that will grace your home for many years. Initially, vinyl doors may cost more than other materials. However, when you weigh the fact that the vinyl door has the potential to last up to twice as long as other materials, it is worth the extra expense.

Vinyl doors are in high-demand, and you may need to special order yours. Talk with your garage door specialist about finding just the right door for your home.

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