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Carriage Garage Doors

Garage doors are an important part of your home. Normally located on the front of the building, they are one of the largest features seen from the street. There is nothing worse than an outdated or broken garage door on a completely remodeled home. Garage doors can appear dated, whether the culprit is old glass or an outdated body style, it will show its age and be a detriment to your home.

One of the most innovative changes in garage door design in the past few years has been the creation of the carriage door style. This door is made to replicate the carriage doors of old-European design. Made to open just like a standard door, the front actually appears as though two-doors open outward.

Selecting Your Style

Carriage doors are made out of wood, fiberglass, copper, aluminum, and steel. They can have arched tops and designer glass or be basic and solid like a standard door. They are normally accentuated with decorative hardware that resembles the traditional handles and hinges that would be found on a carriage-house door.

Many manufacturers produce the carriage door design, but one company that has a large selection and specializes specifically in the carriage style is the Carriage Garage Door Company. They offer numerous sizes and styles to choose between, along with multiple finishes, glasses and hardware options.

Flexibility in Design

There is flexibility within the carriage design. Some are modern and contemporary, others are more classic and traditional for more of a retrofit look, while still others have a rustic country feel. You have the ability to create a unique look all of your own by pairing your favorite panel style with the glass of your choosing.

There are many garage door manufacturers and determining which company is best can be a bit of a chore. You might begin by requesting free estimates from certified garage door installers in your area. They will have recommendations for suppliers, and can help you to determine the right fit for your home.

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