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Automatic Garage Doors

It is pouring down rain, your kids are in the car, you just got your hair done, and now you have to get out of your car and manually open your garage door. You might as well not have a garage if you have to go to that much trouble each time you leave or return home. Not to mention the safety factor. If it is dark, it is much safer to drive into your garage, close the door, and then exit the car. Although it is not required, it is definitely more desirable to have an automatic garage door.

Garage doors are made out of wood and metal, and come in many different beautiful designs that range from basic and practical to custom and elaborate. What door you choose doesn’t affect the type of opener, as long as it is powerful enough to safely operate the door. The door and opener can be bought separately, and an automatic opener can be installed on an existing manual door.

Automatic Models

There are several companies that produce automatic door openers. This site offers a few: A Click Away Remotes. Openers range in price from $100 to several hundred. It is important to invest in a quality opener as you will be using it often.

The Genie Opener is an example of a standard garage door opener. Genie is a recognized brand, and this 1/3 horsepower opener is one of the less expensive models, priced at $249.99. This kit is typical and includes rails, a motor box that has a code-changing technology to help deter intruders, and a lighting system.


If you are installing a new garage door, be sure to invest in a quality automatic opener. For your own comfort or for resale value, automatic is far more preferable to manual. Request free estimates from a certified garage door contractor to find and install the right system for your garage.

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