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Pros and Cons to Graceful Marble Floors

Are you looking for a way to increase the value of your home and to make it more comfortable? Replacing the flooring, even if only in a few rooms, can be a major improvement. Some rooms can have different flooring, or you can opt to have congruency throughout. Certain flooring materials are more suited for certain rooms, and marble tiles are an example of that.

Marble is either mined from the earth or cultivated in factories. Regardless of what type you have, the tiles produced are gracefully elegant and adorn your floors or walls with quiet beauty.

Choose Your Color

The color of genuine marble is determined based upon the location of the quarry it is mined from. Carra marble is pure white and was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for statues. Green marble is found in quarries in Ireland and cultured marble is marble dust combined with cement. As you can see from this directory, marble comes in a multitude of colors from all over the world.


Marble in itself is quite durable, but when in tile form, can be prone to breaking. In addition, it has a very smooth surface, which makes it lovely in appearance, but slick when used on floors. It can be used, however, and looks spectacular in bathrooms in particular.

Price and Maintenance

Marble varies in price based upon what part of the world it comes from. Cultured marble is more affordable, and often the type chosen by homeowners. Marble is relatively easy to maintain. It only requires regular sweeping and mopping. If a tile happens to break, simply have your mason cut out the broken piece and replace it. It is wise to purchase a few extra tiles just in case you ever need to repair any.

Marble tiles are sure to bring eye-catching elegance to your home. Request free estimates from skilled tile installers in your area today.

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