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Enjoy the Beauty of Ceramic Tile Floors

Your flooring material is quite important to the overall value and comfort of your home. If your flooring is worn, dated, or dirty, it can negatively impact your whole home. There are many options when it comes to flooring materials, and which one you choose is based largely upon your personal preference, the budget you have to work within, and the purpose of the room.

History of Ceramic

One material that has been popular for home décor for many years is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile has been found in ruins dated over 6000 years old. Ceramic tile is made out of red or white clay and is processed through a kiln. It is then glazed and finished with a decorative pattern.

Styles and Uses

There are several fascinating designs of ceramic tile. They range in style from smooth and glossy pastels to more rustic earthy tones. Ceramic tiles can provide dramatic accents as a kitchen backsplash, a durable surface for kitchen countertopping, or a nice complement to a bathroom. They can be used for flooring, but be sure to choose the unglazed variety. They can also be used outdoors, but make sure they are the type that will withstand freezing and thawing.


To install ceramic tile, begin by installing a hardy backer. Over this, apply a thin layer of mortar. Spread mortar evenly on the back of each tile, and then press into place. After all of the tile is in place, apply grout to the cracks. You can seal the grout, but the glazed tile does not require an additional seal.

Ceramic tile provides multiple design options that can complement whatever type of interior design you might have. It is durable, and even if damaged, can be easily repaired or replaced. You can even paint some types if they become outdated. Request free estimates from prescreened tile and flooring contractors to bring the custom look of tile to your home.

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