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Choose Dark Walnut Floors with Captivating Patterns

In this section of our library, we have been highlighting the various options available for flooring surfaces. While there are certainly many to choose between, only you can decide which is best suited for your application. Hardwoods have long been a favorite, and with their long life-span, they’re well worth the investment.


The wood of walnut trees offers a dark hardwood with a heavy grain. Unlike some of the other hardwoods, walnut is a rich dark color full of captivating swirls and unique patterns. Walnut is extremely hard and durable, and can look either rustic or elegant depending on its setting.


The maintenance of walnut is quite similar to other hardwoods. Initially, it should be stained or sealed to protect it from moisture, staining, and decay. If it is properly sealed, it should only require occasional sweeping, mopping, and polishing to maintain its illustrious finish.


Walnut is quite competitively priced and is an affordable, mid-range hardwood. It begins at around $3/sq. ft, and can be as expensive as $10/sq. ft. The cost of installation is normally in addition to this, and prices vary upon the grade of the wood.

Installing hardwood in your home is a valuable investment that is sure to increase the value of your home. Choosing walnut in particular is sure to bring a rich and illustrious appearance that speaks of grace, elegance and quality. Request free estimates from skilled flooring contractors in your area to upgrade your flooring to hardwood today.

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