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Native North American Hardwood: Chestnut

Just the word chestnut conjures up warm

thoughts. I guess we all associate it with the line in the song “chestnuts

roasting on an open fire.” Apart from producing a delicious nut, the wood of

chestnut trees can be used to create beautiful wood floors and furniture.

A little about chestnut wood.

Chestnut trees are native to North America.

You will find that there are two species available: Southern

Chestnut and


Chestnut. Southern chestnut is a luscious warm tan

color with golden highlights. Tiete Chestnut is a darker brown that will

actually grow darker with age.

What does chestnut wood look like?

When you think of chestnut, you may picture a honey-blond

color, but chestnut


actually ranges from gray and white to different shades of browns. The grain

has a straight and spiraled grain and is a bit rough to the touch. It is softer than other hardwoods, but is

still a durable material that is resistant

to decay.


to care for chestnut wood.

When initially installed, chestnut flooring should be

either stained or sealed with a clear protective

varnish. The natural color is attractive enough that only a clear product

is necessary. This will make maintenance simple, only requiring occasional

sweeping and polishing. After several years, it might be necessary to refinish

them, but only after a long time.


much does chestnut cost?

Chestnut flooring is more average in cost, beginning

around $5.00/sq. ft. A bit more exotic and unusual than oak or pine, it is

unique enough to make it a desirable commodity. Other hardwoods can be as

inexpensive as $0.98/sq. ft.

Upgrading your floors to hardwood will make your home

more attractive while increasing the value. Hardwoods have long been considered

a classy feature, and one that is preferred over other flooring choices.

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