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Hardwood Materials

There is a reason why we are drawn to the rich natural beauty of wood. We have incorporated it into our interior design and furniture for thousands of years. It is truly amazing what beautiful materials can be discovered under the bark of various trees.

Hardwood flooring is one application we have found for wood. It provides a durable surface that with the proper maintenance can last for hundreds of years. It allows for us to capture the wild beauty of nature and to proudly display it as a decorative focal point.

There are many types of hardwoods that can be converted to planks, strips, or parquet patterns for flooring. Oak is a very affordable and common choice that is a medium color and has a more rustic grain. Chestnut is warm and has unique flavor. Bamboo is the environmental choice because it is cultivated on farms and harvested in a relatively short period of time. Cherry wood presents a rich and elegant choice for optimum class, and mahogany is in a league of its own. Or, perhaps the answer for your floors is to simply refinish the hardwood you already have.

Read through this collection of articles to discover which flooring is the answer for your home, and make a wise investment that will be sure to upgrade the value and allure of your home.

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