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Eco-Friendly Floating Cork Flooring


floors are part of the current and very important trend toward

eco-friendly building materials. This durable, sound-absorbing wood

bark is most certainly worse than its bite. That is to say that the material we know as cork

is actually manufactured using only the bark of cork trees, bark which

regenerates over time so that it can be re-harvested without any

permanent harm to the tree itself.

Cork flooring comes in tiles or planks which snap together via a tongue-and-groove fabrication. Cork floors in general are floating floors; no nails, screws or other fasteners are used to install the flooring. Floating cork floors are relatively easy to install yourself

and may be laid over just about any surface, including carpet. Wedges

or blocks are used between the wall and the flooring on all sides

during installation to prevent movement. Cork flooring planks should be

acclimated to the room they’ll be floating in for at least a few days

before installation. An underlayment should always be used.


floors are considered “green floors” for their renewable traits.

Traditionally, cork flooring has been manufactured in planks that are

roughly three feet long and 12 inches wide. Now, however, in the effort

to conform to the familiar look of hardwood floors, cork floors are

available in much narrower planks.



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