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Carpet Types and Features

There is nothing like stepping sleepily out of

bed in the morning onto the plush warmth of a carpeted floor. From the

hand-woven tapestries of our ancestors to the numerous carpeting choices today,

carpet has graced our homes for centuries.

As long as your carpeting is clean, current,

and in good repair, it is by far one of the most popular flooring choices you

can have. Many people love the beauty of hardwoods and tiles, but nothing surpasses

the comfort

of carpeting.

There are four categories of carpeting: cut

pile, cut and loop pile, level-loop pile, and multi-level loop pile.

  • Cut Pile. This category includes all of the carpets whose strings stick straight-up. This makes them more resistant to crushing. Within this classification falls Saxony, velvet plush, textured carpets, and frieze.
  • Cut & Loop Pile. This variegated pattern is a mixture of cut pile and looped pile.
  • Level-Loop Pile. In this type, the strands of yarn that make up the carpeting are looped back into the backing instead of cut. The looping is done in a level pattern. The popular Berber falls under this category.
  • Multi-level Loop Pile. Multi-loop pile is much like level-loop except that the height of the loops varies to create a patterned appearance.

Carpet comes in several fascinating patterns and designs, heights, and

piles. It is mainly made from synthetic fibers, although there are also some more natural fibers available. You can choose

from plush shags to sturdy Berbers, artful patterns to basic uniformity. Many

carpets come pretreated with stain guards and fireproof coatings. If you desire

a more eco-friendly option,

those can also be found.

Surprisingly, carpeting can actually be as

expensive as some hardwoods and tiles. You get what you pay for, so be sure to

invest in a quality material that will last you for many years. Carpet can wear

out in areas of heavy traffic, and that is why many homeowners opt for a

more durable surface such as wood or tile for entrances and walkways. Request

free estimates from prescreened flooring experts to discuss what options are

the best for your home.

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