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Simple Techniques for Pool Fencing Placement

A swimming pool fence provides security by keeping small children away from the poolside and possible danger. Placement of a pool fence, which is usually wrought iron or aluminum, is very much up to the discretion of the pool owner. Usually, pool fences follow the contours of a concrete sidewalk or patio that surrounds the pool. There is often a wider area of patio or grass on at least one side of the pool reserved for patio furniture.

It is important to place a pool fence so that it does not chop up the lawn too much or too haphazardly. In smaller yards, some homeowners will simply put up a backyard fence. Landscaping is often used to line the pool fence. It is the homeowner’s choice as to whether the landscaping is in or outside the fence. Nonetheless, landscaping or the prospect of future landscaping is an important consideration in the placement of the fence. The gate in the fence is usually placed at a relative close proximity to the home. Generally a decorative stone path or an otherwise attractive trail leads to the entrance of the enclosed pool area.

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