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Advice on Garden Fence Placement

In many applications, from landscaping to gardening, a border fence is necessary to protect highly-valued plants, shrubs, or trees from trampling, pets, invasive animals, and other damage. Garden fences may be just a foot or two high, or four to six feet tall depending on the substance and size of the garden. Garden fences often attach to the side of a building such as a barn or shed, as these are logical and common places for a garden.

Placement of the fence also depends on what the garden is used for.

  • in a traditional garden, at least one to two feet of space between the fence and the first row of plants may be necessary to facilitate ease of watering, weeding, and other garden chores.
  • In addition, you may not want the fence interfering or altering the growth of the plants and the fence should be far enough away so that animals cannot lean over and eat first row of vegetables, fruit, or other fare.
  • Fences surrounding aesthetic plants may be placed quite close to the actual plant growth.
  • In many cases, it is considered attractive if bushes and other landscape plants intertwine with border fencing.

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