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Front Yard Fence Placement

Just about every city or county will have specific rules and ordinances regarding the placement of fences. These regulations not only vary by city but also by location on the lot. Rules will be different for fences built in the front, back, and side yards.

Front Yard Fencing Setbacks

Front yard fences will have to adhere to building codes regarding setbacks and easements. Contact your local building department to determine rules specific to your area. Rules will deal with height, location, and even the type of fence. Setbacks for fences will specify the distance a fence must be from public roads and/or sidewalks. The standard is usually five feet from sidewalks or ten to fifteen feet from the curb. As the front yard fence turns back toward the home, along property lines or public alleyways, the setback may change. Set backs between properties may vary from just one foot to six feet, especially in situations where the fence abuts public walkways or alleys. Some towns may even require some form of landscaping in front of the fence to promote aesthetic value.

Neighborhood vs. City Codes

Neighborhoods may also have their own rules regarding fence placement and other fence attributes such as color, size, and type of material. In terms of placement, neighborhood codes are likely the same or very similar to city codes. Talk to a certified fencing contractor about your area’s building codes. CalFinder will make the process of finding a contractor easy, so all you have to worry about is deciding on the design and material for your new fence!

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