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Backyard Fence Placement

Backyard fence restrictions are typically more lenient then those regarding front yard fences. Backyard fences are allowed to be taller with more freedom regarding type of fence. In most residential areas, backyard privacy fences are usually allowed to be 6’ tall and, in some cases, up to 8’ high. Fence placement in the backyard is often restricted only by property lines.

Keeping an Eye on City Lines

Asthe fence returns from back toward the home along the side yard, rules may change. In cases where the property abuts public walkways or alleys, city setbacks may come into effect, usually three to six feet from the public easement.

Different Fences, Different Rules

Furthermore,certain types of fences may have different rules. For instance, chain link fences and other fences which do not obstruct views may be allowed to hug property lines and public easements closer than, say, a wood privacy fence.

As always, check with the local building department and neighborhood association before building the fence. Then, spare yourself the trouble of finding a fencing contractor. CalFinder’s got you covered with free estimates from licensed, bonded, and insured fencing contractors in your area.

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