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6 Picket Fence Designs

Picket fences come in a variety of designs. Designs possibilities will vary based on the type of fencing material chosen. Wood is very versatile and easily customized. Vinyl fencing is prefabricated so designs are limited to available styles. However, most classic picket fence designs are available in vinyl as well. There are six main picket fence designs:

  1. Arched fence designs are simple and elegant. A convex-arch is created by using differing board heights, with the tallest in the center, for each section of the fence. For vinyl fencing applications, pickets are available in one and one-half inch or three inch widths.
  2. Scalloped fences create a concave, or inverted, arch design. The shortest picket will be in the center of each fence segment. Again, scalloped fences are available in prefab vinyl with much the same specifications as its arched counterpart.
  3. Standard flat-top picket fences are the simplest of designs. Pickets are the same height and size throughout with flat, unadorned picket tops.
  4. Dog-eared fences are very similar to standard picket fences, except that the pickets are “dog-eared,” meaning that the top corners of each board are cut off, usually at a 45 degree angle. The dog-eared design, especially with wood fencing, can be integrated with other picket fence designs. For instance, you could build an arched fence using dog-eared pickets.
  5. Gothic picket fences are designed with a medieval look in mind. The tops of pickets come to a point. Gothic designs are the most classic of picket fence designs.
  6. French Gothic designs take the Gothic style to a more ornate level. Pickets are not only pointed at the top, but also have two “nips” at the neck, creating a spearhead-type look.

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