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Lattice Fencing

Lattice has definite potential in fence designs. Lattice is often used at gates or entryways to gardens as a place for climbing plants such as ivy or grapevines to thrive. Beyond that, lattice can play a major role in
fence design either as a solid-board fence topper, with one to two feet of lattice exposed above the fence boards, or as a full-lattice fence panel.

Lattice serves a few different functions when utilized in fence design. It screens off an area while still allowing limited sight through the
fence. Lattice also provides style, a climbing wall for plants, and a windbreak. Semi-privacy fences, or wood fences with a lattice fence topper, are dependent on lattice. This fence design provides a good
deal of privacy while allowing easy communication with neighbors. For this reason, lattice fence designs are considered good-neighbor fencing. Lattice is usually made of typical wood fencing materials, but can also be found in vinyl or similar synthetic materials.

Often used at gates or entryways to gardens as a place for climbing plants, lattice fencing may not provide the privacy of other fencing styles, but is certainly aesthetically pleasing. Even if you already have a full fence, you can install a lattice fence topper for a little extra oomph. Here is some more information.


The cost of installing a lattice fence depends on a variety of factors: the type of lattice fencing you go with, the size, and the material it’s made from. You can even opt for a custom design or prefabricated panels—therefore, the cost is entirely up to you. For help with your fencing project, get in touch with a licensed contractor.


Lattice fencing is aesthetically pleasing and can add to a home’s curb appeal.

Lattice fencing is great for gardens and front porches.

It is easy to install.


Lattice fencing doesn’t provide the privacy of other fencing types.

Not considered very sturdy.


In order to get the pattern of a lattice fence, the material must be cut thinner than other fencing styles, so lattice fencing isn’t considered extremely durable. However, with minimal wear and tear and the proper maintenance, yours should be able to last for several years.


The maintenance of lattice fencing depends on what it’s made out of. Wood lattice fencing, for instance, will need to be periodically stained or repainted and checked for signs of mildew. Vinyl lattice fencing, on the other hand, is basically maintenance-free.

Common Questions and Answers

What are the different types of lattice fencing available?

There are a variety of lattice fencing options available, depending on the purpose you want your fence to serve.

  • Privacy Lattice Fences: These have a tighter pattern so outsiders can’t get a clear view into your yard

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