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Invisible Fences

Invisible fences are intended for pet control. The fence works much like a radio by transmitting a signal to a receiver on the dog’s collar. Invisible fences may be buried or left above ground. Buried-wire invisible fences
are ideal for aesthetic purposes and considered equally effective, if a bit more expensive or time-consuming to install, as their above ground counterpart.

Invisible fences are common for homeowners who would prefer not to erect a traditional fence. In some cases, they are used in conjunction with existing fences to prevent digging and escape. Different fences use different methods of containment. Some use a mild electric shock, some an annoying noise, some use both. Many fences have adjustable controls so that the intensity of the shock will fit the dog or cat’s specific needs.

Invisible fences are much less expensive than traditional fencing. Furthermore, they require no maintenance other than the occasional
change of the batteries. Batteries may need to be purchased from the fence company. Some companies have mailing programs that will automatically send new batteries at the appropriate time.

Many homeowners need to keep their pets contained, but don’t like the look of an electric fence. This is where invisible fences come in handy—they handle the work of an electric fence but with hidden wires. Here is some more information.


If you plan to purchase a kit and install an invisible fence yourself, you can expect to pay between $100 and $350. However, a professionally installed pet fence will cost a bit more at $850 to $1,500. For help purchasing and installing your fence, get in touch with a licensed contractor.


Many invisible fences have adjustable controls so the intensity of the shock will fit the dog or cat’s specific needs.

Invisible fences are more aesthetically pleasing than electric fences.

They can easily keep pets and other animals from digging or escaping.


The batteries used to power an invisible fence need to be changed periodically.

If there is a power failure in your area, your invisible fence will no longer work.

While invisible fences keep animals in, they don’t keep unwanted animals out.


With the proper maintenance, invisible fences are considered very durable, especially if they are installed underground.


Invisible fences are virtually maintenance-free since they are usually installed underground. However, it’s important to periodically check that the system is working before sending your pet outside. Always make sure to change the batteries.

Common Questions and Answers

How does an invisible fence keep an animal contained?

Different models use different methods of containment. Some use a mild electric shock, some use an annoying noise, while other use both. Many fences have controls to adjust the intensity of the shock if this is the method they utilize.

What type of batteries do invisible fences use?

The actual Invisible Fence brand uses special 3-volt batteries that should be purchased from the company themselves. This is the only battery that will be covered under the warranty.


Richard Peck patented the first invisible fence with the help of an electric engineer in 1973. His goal was to protect dogs in a safe and humane way.

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