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Gates for Your Fencing

The gate is the most prominent and utilized part of any fence. Gate designs must be attractive and sturdy. Gate designs may serve to blend into or contrast the overall fence design. For instance, a homeowner with a
scalloped picket fence may decide to install an arched gate.

Variety in Design

Manufacturers of vinyl and ornamental fences will have a variety of gate designs for the homeowner to choose from. Especially with wrought iron gates, the design possibilities are
seemingly endless. These gates can become very ornate and expensive. However, less expensive gates are often constructed of lower quality or simply less material (e.g. steel, aluminum) and may eventually bend or
buckle under their own weight.

Wood Fence Gates

Wood fence gates are often built onsite by the DIY-minded homeowner or their fencing contractor. Varieties will range from the picket fence gate to the log, ranch-style gate depending on the function, placement, and type of fence. Lattice gates are sometimes used with wood fences, usually in a garden environment, to create a support for climbing plants.

The gate is the most-used and prominent part of any fence. Therefore, gate designs must be both attractive and sturdy. Here is some more information about choosing the perfect gate to either blend in or provide a bit of contrast to your fence.


The cost of a fence gate depends on the materials it is constructed from, the size, and the style. For an average backyard fence, adding one gate would cost an additional $100-$250 to the job. This can be significantly more for ornamental wrought iron gates. For help purchasing and installing your gate or fencing, get a free estimate from a local contractor.


The durability of any fence gate depends on a variety of factors: what the gate is constructed out of (wood gates may be less durable than wrought iron gates, for instance), the manufacturer/contractor, and the amount of wear and tear the gate receives. Whatever type you choose to go with, maintenance is usually key to the gate’s longevity.


The maintenance of a fence gate also depends on what it is made from. Wrought iron gates, for instance, may need to be checked for rust, while aluminum gates probably won’t need much of anything. Check with your contractor after installation.

Common Questions and Answers

What are the type and style of gates that can be paired with a wood fence?

Wood fence gates are often built onsite by fencing contractors. Varieties will range from the picket fence gate to the log, ranch-style gate depending on the function, placement, and type of fence

What type of gate offers the most style options?

If you’re looking for unique gate designs, you may want to go with a wrought iron fence. This type of fencing offers a plethora of ornate gate designs.

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