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Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Did you know that Energy Star ceiling fans are up to 50% more efficient? This means you could save about $10 a year on utility bills, in addition to savings on air conditioning and heating costs, if you switch to an Energy Star-labeled product.

Energy Star ceiling fans include lighting and light kits to further save money and energy through reduced bulb changes. They also feature the ability to reverse the motor and airflow direction, enabling you to operate the fan year-round with maximum efficiency. During the winter, for instance, operating the fan in a clockwise direction forces warm air located near the ceiling downward. In the summer, operating the fan in a counter-clockwise direction creates a cooling, wind-chill effect.

A complete list of Energy Star labeled ceiling fans with and without lighting can be found on the Energy Star website. The company also promotes several installation and usage tips to improve performance and overall savings. These include the following practices:

  • Adjust the thermostat.
  • Choose the Appropriate UL-Rated Electrical Box.
  • Choose the right size product according to your room’s dimensions.
  • Anchor the fan appropriately to a ceiling joist, or if the joist is not located in the center of the room, mount the fan on a special mounting bracket. The fans should be mounted 7 feet above the floor and 18 inches from the walls.
  • Balance wobbly fans by making sure the connections are properly aligned and tightly fastened.
  • Turn ceiling fans off when you’re not in the room.

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