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At the beginning of 2007, the ENERGY STAR criteria for clothes washers changed, becoming more stringent. The following link provides detailed information about these criteria. Learn about the ENERGY STAR criteria for Clothes Washers.

Amazingly, tests performed recently on a wide range of clothes washers showed a tremendous difference in performance among machines and unfortunately, clean clothes don’t come cheap. For best results, you need to spend $900 or more for a clothes washer that really does the job right. In order to receive ENERGY STAR ratings, washers are now required to use 21% less energy.

Recent tests have found that top-loading machines, with agitators in the center, are much less efficient that the new front-loading machines. While these machines are definitely more expensive, the benefits to be derived are somewhat akin to the benefits to be derived from solar panels. The only drawback to these new machines is that they tumble clothes instead of agitating them and their tumbling action is quite rough to shorten the time it takes to do a load. Whether this is more wearing to your clothes isn’t among the detailed information that has been made available to consumers.

Some municipalities require the installation of front-loading washers in all new residential construction, which is a clear indicator that these machines are more efficient than the old-fashioned top loaders as well as the new HF (high-efficiency) top-loaders.

It’s important to keep in mind that the most efficient front-loaders do make some noise, particularly during their spin-cycles. Commonly offered advice on purchasing front-loaders suggests that extended warranties are not usually needed, but it is suggested that you purchase with a credit card that automatically extends the warranty.

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