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Energy Star Air Conditioners

According to the ENERGY STAR Web site, “If every room air conditioner sold in the U.S. were ENERGY STAR qualified, it would prevent 1.2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions - the equivalent emissions from 100,000 cars.” That is quite an impressive figure! But what exactly does ENERGY STAR mean?

It means a product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U. S. Department of Energy; and that qualified air conditions use at least 10% less energy than conventional models and often include timers to control temperature better.

What brands are there to consider? Many ENERGY STAR rated air conditioners are on the market. Here are some of varying prices and BTUs.

  • According to ConsumerSearch.com reviews, the Frigidaire FAA065P7A is effective, efficient, easy to use and quiet, and it will cool rooms of about 200 square feet. (6000 BTU, Est. $175)

  • Reviews say the Frigidaire FAA086P7A air conditioner will cool a room of about 400 square feet and has nice features for the price: Electronic controls, a 24-hour delay timer, sleep mode and a remote control. (8,000 BTU Est. $210)

  • In reviews, Kenmore air conditioners are often cited for their combination of features and value but the Kenmore 75101 also has an auto-start feature for power outages and brownouts and will cool a 450 to 500 square-foot room.

  • (10,000 BTU, Est. $300)

  • The GE AGM14AJ will cool a room of about 700 square feet and has a programmable temperature setting, 24-hour timer, remote control and slide-out chassis, along with an Energy-Star rating of 10.8 EER. (13,800 BTU, Est. $400)

ENERGY STAR Air Conditioning Tips:

  • Though ENERGY STAR products can be more expensive to purchase up front, the cost difference will be paid back over time through lower energy bills.

  • When buying new equipment, it is important to get a quality installation. Make sure you get a contractor who can do the job right.

  • To get better performance from your cooling equipment seal your home and make sure ducts don’t leak.

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