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Did you know your home has a central nervous system? Hidden within those walls lies a network of wires running from a brain (the fuse box) to nerve endings throughout the house. Those nerve endings are visible to us in the form of switches, outlets, light fixtures and other electrical devices.

It is this series of wires that keeps your house up and running, that puts lighting and safety for any room in your immediate control. Modern wiring and electrical ingenuity are making that brain and those nerves smarter as well—timers, motion sensors and programmable lighting ensure that those nerve endings are as responsive as they can be.

The following set of articles in the CalFinder Electrical Library will venture into the system that is electrical wiring. In addition to upgrades, such as timers and motion sensors, we’ll explore types of switches, outlets and even remote controls. In the end, it’ll all add up to a healthy, energy efficient and on-demand central nervous system.

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