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Solar Power Your Nighttime Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting has become the greenest of all outdoor lighting. It also comprises today’s “no-need-to-worry” lighting system. Powered by the sun during the day, this type of lighting will automatically turn itself on at night through darkness sensors. It has no electricity costs, no installation costs, and no maintenance costs, making it highly valuable to any landscaping or other lighting project you have in the works.

These little gems come in a variety of styles. They look great and will create a pleasant ambiance for patios and pathways. Light up seating areas, steps, deck railings, and even trees without any cost to you except for the purchase of the light kits themselves. They will then operate up to 15 hours before needing another charge to their little photocells.

The installation of these lights is so easy; a child could do it and be safe, because basically they don’t need installation. Some assembly is required, but for the most part, you decide where you want them and put them there (as long as they are able to be exposed to the sunlight). There are no wires; a solar panel wired to a rechargeable battery powers the fixture, and LEDs conduct an electrical current without wiring.

More than just decorative, these lights blend in with any background or can be set into any feature to showcase your landscape. Varieties include floodlights that set into rocks and look real, globes made of hand-blown glass, lights that change colors for a light show, or frogs, lily pads, flowers, gnomes, dragonflies, and strings of lights for any occasion.

Wow, you say. I do too, but there is one main problem with solar power and that is that it does need sunlight. A heavy winter will decrease energy collection, and the lights don’t do as well in freezing weather. But, if you live in those warmer, sunnier climates, well, this is surely the outdoor lighting for you. And if you live in those areas of the country with the good old four seasons, as I do, then nine months out of the year isn’t bad for free outdoor lighting.

Be sure to check out all the wonderful possibilities, styles, and designs outdoor solar lighting has available and when you get ready to add them to your landscape design, let us know how you used them to solar power your nighttime lighting.

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