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Low-Voltage Lighting: Safe, Energy Efficient, and Versatile

Ways to save on energy shouldn’t always focus on the types of light bulbs used in the home or office. A low-voltage system can also reduce energy costs.

But what is low voltage? In general terms, low voltage requires an intergraded or remote transformer to reduce the amount of wattage sent down the line to power lights. The reduced current is then converted by low-voltage lamps to create more light than traditional incandescent bulbs.

When powered properly, the experts claim low-voltage lighting produces almost three times more light than normal incandescent bulbs. This means a 50-watt low voltage lamp could generate as much light as a 125-watt incandescent bulb.

Low-voltage systems are ideal for commercial use because they’re energy efficient and versatile. These systems can utilize a full barrage of lighting techniques to spread light in hard to reach areas and in any direction. The system is also safer, since the wiring and lamps only carry one-tenth of normal electricity.




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