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Easy-to-Install Chandeliers Maintain Traditional Appeal

Installing elegant chandelier lighting should be on every homeowner’s list. Not only does it present a beautiful and stylish way to illuminate a room, the installation is very easy.

Modern chandeliers have evolved and morphed into very creative forms of lighting, while still maintaining traditional appeal. They bring life to a formal dinning room and of course, the foyer or entryway.

Chandeliers are easy to install; some units only require a couple of hooks anchored to the ceiling. But most prefer the self-hanging, classic chandelier. Here are some tips on how to install one:

Step 1: Locate the ceiling box and firmly secure it to the ceiling joists. Chandeliers can be heavy depending on the make and model, so you must anchor the box to ceiling joists.

Step 2: If you’re replacing a light fixture with the chandelier, go to the circuit breaker and toggle the switches back forth to find out which one feeds the electricity to that box.

Step 3: With the breaker off, remove the light fixture and disconnect the lead wires.

Step 4: Prepare the chandelier installation by measuring how far down you would like the chandelier to hang. Then give your wiring enough slack. It may help to strip ¾ inch of wiring insulation off before you attach the chandelier.

Step 5: Next, install a support bracket onto the ceiling box and then screw on the threaded nipple in the center of the bar. Fish the chandelier wires up through the nipple and into the electrical box.

Step 6: Now connect the wiring, using the parallel method. This means connecting the chandelier ground wire to the ground. Use wire connectors to connect chandelier white to white and chandelier black to black. Then tightly wrap electrical tape around the connectors.

Step 7: Raise the chandelier plate up and thread the collar nut onto the threaded nipple, then hand tighten it.

Step 8: Slowly release the chandelier and check your work. Make sure there are no loose parts and then insert the proper light bulbs.

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