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Flexible Monorail Lighting Options

Illumination is the perfect opportunity to individualize the style and decor of a room. Monorail lighting offers a more flexible alternative than regular track lighting and lends itself to your individual style.

This type of track lighting is a bendable, low-voltage system that gives endless custom possibilities in your decorating plans. It is customized on site with a large selection of pendants or track heads, allowing for the track to follow the contour of the object you want to illuminate. Fixtures can be changed on the track, adding to their flexibility.

The possibilities of places to use monorail lighting are limited only by your imagination. With monorail lighting, your art and photo wall can be illuminated exactly where you want each piece highlighted. Just place the lights at various heights. If you have vaulted ceilings, lighting from above isn’t always an easy task. But with monorail tracking, the lights can be brought down to a level that accommodates the room if you use pendants along the track. And because the tracking is bendable, areas that were never noticed before will have new illumination options.

Monorail tracking systems come in kits that can be purchased in most home supply centers. Using a kit will give you low-voltage lighting and provide savings in energy efficiency, options for customizing the track, lamps to fit your unique style, single tracking or multiple tracking to achieve the effect you desire, and easy to install instructions. One disadvantage to the kits is that the total wattage is limited because they are low voltage, but new kits are hitting the market and are much improved.

Monorail track systems are the ideal choice for individualizing lighting and enhancing the decor changes in most any room of your home, kitchen, work area, play areas, and more. When planning your next decorating project, consider the possibilities of monorail track lighting and be sure to use all caution when installing any electrical fixtures.

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