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Can Lighting, Perfect for the Living Room, Basement, or Kitchen

Can lighting is merely recessed lighting fixed to the ceiling joists of the home. It provides lighting where you can’t necessarily place overhead lamps or track lighting. These lighting fixtures are great for living room ceilings, gap lighting in kitchens, and basement ceilings.

This type of lighting is secured between ceiling joists with a screws or nails. A skilled electrician can hard wire the unit to a rotary dimmer or household switch. Once the light is powered, the next important step is to make sure the drywall fits flush around it. If done correctly, only a fraction of the bulb will be visible to the naked eye.

Can lighting is primarily used for illuminating paintings, fireplaces, and flower arrangements. These lights come in two different styles: Insulated ceiling type or non-insulated type.

  • The insulated units can be placed up against insulation and still breathe. These fixtures have a built-in heat chamber that allows the heat generated by the light to escape harmlessly.
  • Obviously, the non-insulated units are built entirely differently. Allow at least 3 inches of space between the unit and any type of insulation. For complete details on can lighting and installation, contact your local electrician or read the do-it-yourself manual below.




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