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Soundproof Drywall, Creating a Sound Barrier Comparable to 8 Layers of Standard Drywall

When finishing the interior of your home, there aren’t an abundance of materials you can use for covering the framing. The most commonly used material is drywall, and you do have some choice in the type and size you select. One type of drywall that is very useful in key locations within your home is soundproof drywall.

The Soundproof Difference

Soundproof drywall differs from regular drywall in that it provides a sound barrier comparable to eight layers of standard drywall. Instead of a solid gypsum core, it is a combination of viscoelastic polymers, ceramics, and gypsum layered to produce amazing soundproof qualities.

The effectiveness of soundproof drywall is measured by sound transmission class levels (STC). Depending on how much you are willing to pay, the panels come as low as 40 STCs and reach up into the 70s.

Brand Options

There are different soundproof panels for different applications.

  • Quiet Solution is one manufacturer of soundproof drywall and offers a series of products to choose between.
  • QuietRock is designed for walls and ceilings. It has a STC (sound transmission class) level of 72. It comes in 4X8, 4X9, 4X10, and 4X12 foot sections, and is 5/8 inch thick. It also has a one-hour fire-rating.
  • QuietWood is actually a plywood panel for soundproofing floors and doors.
  • QuietCoat is made out of viscoelastic polymer and is made to cover steel studs, HVAC ducts, or metal roofs.

Where to Use Soundproof Drywall

Soundproof drywall can be used in any room throughout your home where you would like additional privacy. On average, it costs about $40.00 per panel, compared to only $10.00 for standard drywall. Because of the expense, many homeowners choose to only use it in choice locations such as a bathroom or master bedroom. It is installed and finished just as any other type of drywall, and you can’t tell the difference once it is finished.

If you would like to incorporate soundproof drywall into your project, then request free estimates from prescreened drywall contractors in your area today.

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