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Properties and Applications of Paperless Drywall

Recently we’ve covered many aspects of interior drywall – everything from installation to finishing techniques. However, one area we haven’t even mentioned is paperless drywall. In this article, we will discuss the properties and applications of paperless drywall.

The Paperless Drywall Difference

The most common form of drywall consists of a gypsum core wrapped in paper. This is the material most of us are familiar with, and the one used the most inside homes. Paperless drywall still has the gypsum core, but is wrapped in fiberglass instead of paper.

The greatest asset of this type of drywall is its mold-resistant qualities. In addition to the fiberglass being moisture resistant, the gypsum core is also water resistant. There have been numerous problems with mold and mildew in homes in the past decade, and paperless drywall was developed to help prevent the spread of mold.

Where it Works

Paperless drywall can be used in any location that you would use standard drywall and can be finished with the same techniques. It works especially well in bathrooms, basements, and any other rooms with higher moisture content. If you live in a more humid climate, you may want to consider using it as well.

The surface is slightly rougher than the paper variety, but it shouldn’t affect your finished product. It does require a bit more skill when finishing to properly hide the nail holes and seams. Inexperience in finishing will definitely be harder to hide when working with this product. To help disguise the rougher finish, you can spread a thin coat of topping compound over the whole wall. This will help present a smoother appearance and hide any imperfections. (This process is called “skim coating”.) When finishing the seams, expect any plaster used to dry slower than standard drywall. Fiberglass is less absorbent than paper and will take longer to dry.

If you would like to learn more about paperless drywall or receive a free estimate for installation, then request the assistance of a skilled drywall contractor in your area.

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