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What You Should Know about Water-Resistant, Greenboard Drywall

Pretty much everyone is familiar with drywall, the smooth paneled surface adorning the walls within your home. Beyond what meets the eye, not many of us are very educated in the different types of drywall. If you are planning a remodel or repair project, it may help to learn a bit more about the various types of drywall to help you determine which product is right for your project.

What is Greenboard?

Drywall consists of a gypsum core covered either by paper or fiberglass. Greenboard is a form of drywall. Greenboard has the same gypsum core as the other varieties, but is covered in a thicker, more water-resistant paper than standard drywall. The paper is coated with wax to help control moisture absorption. This paper is green, thus the name “greenboard.”

Where Can You Use It?

Greenboard can be used in areas with higher moisture contents, but it is important to remember it is only water resistant, not water-proof. It comes in ½ inch or 5/8 inch thicknesses, and can be used in any room throughout a building. Unlike paperless drywall, greenboard will not discourage mold growth.

Greenboard is installed in exactly the same way as standard wallpaper. Screw it to the wall with drywall screws, tape and plaster the seams, sand, primer, and then apply the desired texture or finish.

There have been differing opinions in the past couple of years regarding greenboard. Many contractors feel it is no more effective than regular drywall for moisture control and gives a false sense of security. Additionally, some contractors, in an attempt to pinch pennies, were using it instead of waterproof cement board for backing beneath tile work and shower enclosures. This inevitably led to mold growth and disastrous tile projects, leading many to question the effectiveness and need for greenboard. Basically, it will work well on walls where it will not be in direct contact with water, but should never be used on floors or ceilings.

Discuss further with your contractor the pros and cons of greenboard, and decide which product is right for your project. Request free estimates from a knowledgeable professional drywall contractor in your area today.

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