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Drywall Types

The drywall stage represents an exciting point for your project. You have weathered all of the previous stages and the never-ending line of subcontractors, and can finally see the project approaching completion. Although choosing the type of drywall used on your walls may seem insignificant compared to some of the major decisions you’ve faced, there are a few different options to choose from, and in the end, you want to be sure to install the right material.

The following articles discuss the various differences among drywall types. Take a few moments before you buy just the standard drywall and decide if you can benefit from using a specialty product in key locations. Soundproof panels, for example, have up to eight times the sound barrier capability than standard drywall. It may be advantageous to have some extra privacy in certain rooms of your home. Greenboard is another alternative to regular drywall. It has a wax coating that creates a moisture barrier and makes it a better choice for more moist locations. Do you live in a humid climate? If you do, it may be wise to install the paperless variety, specially made to reduce the growth of mold and mildew. Learn about the benefits of acoustic drywall as well.

This information will help you to decide which products are right for your project and help you better communicate with your drywall contractor.

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