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Drywall Repair for Small Holes to More Extensive Repairs

Drywall is by nature a soft, powdery consistency and can be quite susceptible to damage. One of the most common ways to damage drywall is through hanging art or fixtures, which will inevitably leave holes that must be patched.

Simple patches. The easiest way to patch very small holes, such as those caused by hanging pictures, is with a can of quick-dry spackle and a small putty knife. Carefully press the spackle into the offending hole, and wipe the surface clean of any excess. After it dries, it can shrink a bit into the hole. If this occurs, it may be necessary to repeat the process. After the spackle is dry, lightly sand it even with the wall, and then paint the desired color. For a slightly larger hole, but one still considered small, use plaster. Repeat applications may be necessary as each dries.

More extensive patches. Spackle works wonderfully for small holes such as those caused from nail holes, but for the larger ones a more extensive repair may be necessary. As long as the hole is not larger than two inches, you can avoid having to patch it with drywall. Instead, take a piece of drywall tape, along with some plaster. Fill the hole with plaster, and stick the tape over the plaster flush against the wall. Allow this to thoroughly dry, otherwise the plaster in the hole will bulge out, leaving an undesired mound. Next, spread 1-2 thin coats of plaster over the tape, sand, match the texture, prime, and paint. For larger holes, you must insert a new piece of drywall. It may be necessary to first insert a backing piece to attach the new drywall too.

Before tackling a new wall finish or painting project, it is always wise to patch any holes or blemishes in the wall. This not only ensures a more attractive result, but is much easier to accomplish before you apply new paint or wallpaper. This is best accomplished by a skilled professional. Request free estimates today from pre-certified drywall contractors in your area.

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