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Repairing Drywall Damaged by Water

Leaky faucets, a leaking roof, even something as simple as watering plants can all lead to water damage on drywall. Drywall damaged by water is typically very unsightly and difficult to paint over. Drywall has a paper backing, and when it becomes wet, it tends to bubble and wrinkle much the same as a piece of paper would. As with repairing other damage to drywall, repairing water damage is quite feasible and not difficult.

Begin by removing the offending area. With a utility knife, remove the damaged area completely, leaving a square or other shape that will be easy to match. Once the drywall is removed, inspect the wall behind to make sure there is not more extensive damage. Pinpoint the cause of the water damage, and be sure to properly correct the problem before repairing the wall. It may be necessary to replace the insulation and to allow the wall to dry out before resealing the space.

Once the wall is dry, vacuum the area clean, and replace the drywall. Cut the new piece to create as tight of a fit as possible. It may be necessary to insert a backing piece into the wall to attach the replacement drywall too. You can use a piece of wood, securing it by screwing it into the surrounding studs or drywall. Attach the new drywall, tape the seams, apply multiple coats of plaster, allow to dry, and then sand. Once the repaired section is smooth, apply texture, wallpaper, or other finish to match the rest of the wall.

Drywall repair always entails a moderate to high level of skill in order to cleanly blend the repair into the existing wall. Because of this, it is one of the more difficult projects to undertake for the do-it-yourselfer. Just be sure to be patient, meticulously completing each step, and be willing to re-do portions if they do not turn out right. If you would like to save yourself some headache, request the assistance of a skilled professional drywall contractor in your area.

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